How to make Terracotta drum beads !! DIY !! Terracotta Beads !!

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How to make Terracotta drum beads !! DIY !! Terracotta Beads !!

How to design Terracotta drum beads !! DIY Terracotta Beads !

! Entire basic process of making terracotta drum beads!!

This is the simplest process of making terracotta designing drum beads so far.  Terracotta beads is so much useful for making different types of terracotta necklace. There has different types of terracotta beads. e.g Drum beads, Round shape beads, cone beads etc. Here we shared making process of terracotta drum beads . 

Designs of terracotta jewellery are inspired by nature, animals, plants, leaves, flowers, tribal Gods or more stylish look can be given by using different shapes. Terracotta jewellery is crafted from natural earthen clay so it is skin-friendly. Now days in market it is available in numerous modern designs.

List of used items:

1. Clay : Filtered red low fired earthen clay

2. Tools: thooth pick, Jhumki Jhumka mold and kitchen knife

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