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Item Used for making this jhumka: 1. Terracotta Low fired red clay 2.Jhumka Mould 3.Kitchen Knife 4.Nichrome wire 5.Cutter 6.Lolly pop beads Terracotta Jhumka is made from low fired terracotta red clay and then harden with heat. Before firing all design should be appropriately done, since after firing its not possible to change any design. Last part is coloring. You can use any color as per your choice.After enamel work and threadwork, these seem to be becoming popular, and looking at the variety of designs and colours they have, they're quite easy to wear with loads of outfits. Terracotta Jewellery is...

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DIY jewellery, DIY jewelry, DIY terracotta jewellery, Handamade jewellery, Peacock pendant, shopsheriff, terracotta jewellery, Terracotta Peacock pendant -

Simple process of making terracotta peacock pendant without using mould. Item Used: 1. Low fired terracotta clay 2. X-acto knife, Pottery tools, Ball pen, Toothpick 3. lolly pop beads 4. Nichrome wire Score and slip technique link : If you have any query please comment below, I will get back to you ASAP or you can contact us on the below mentioned details. Be in Contact: Email: Facebook: Pininterest: Instagram: Twitter: Buy online handmade terracotta jewellery jewelry from WhatsApp: +91 - 9903356217

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