Terracotta Jewellery pendant making - Score and slip method

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Terracotta Jewellery pendant making - Score and slip method

Method of scoring for attaching two parts of clay

Score and Slip - Score and slip refers to a method of joining two pieces of clay together. First, score the clay; this means that you make scratches in the surfaces that will be sticking together. Then you slip it; that is you wet the surface with some slip, using it like glue. Next, you press the two pieces together.

Slip: Slip is liquid clay. The easiest way to make slip is to gradually sift or spoon dry, powder clay into a small cup of water. Stir well as you add because it will tend to thicken up after it sits for a minute or two. You want it to be about the consistency of thick cream.

List of used items:
1. Clay : Filtered red low fired earthen clay
2. Tools: Basic pottery tools, Toothpick, Ball point pen, cookie cutter
3. Wire : nichrome wire
4. Slip for joining two different parts




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